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No matter how old your child is, they're always going to be your baby.




Blog My Baby is a utility for parents to remember every moment of their child’s life. Physical baby books can only last so long and can cost a lot, but when was the last time you lost your phone for more than an hour? What would you rather do, write an entry every night while you’re about to pass out when you left the book somewhere in the house, or typing in an app your thoughts for the day before you fade off to dreamy land? Now you will not only be able to remember exactly when and where you ate, how much, but when and where your baby ate, of what, and how much. Diaper changes, keeping all sorts of records, like questionable normality of what your baby does and when, now all easily accessible right on your cell phone, so that next visit to the doctor will be a smooth one.

No more guessing, and thinking you’re losing your mind because of the lack of sleep and the postpartum depression. All the firsts, remembered easily, all the time you have without interruption, recorded, your diet, recorded, breast pumping, recorded, sleep, baths, pacifiers, illness, feeling…. All of this is now recorded with Blog My Baby. So you should really download the app for the small cost of what may have been a latte if you weren’t breastfeeding, and save yourself from the not being able to remember anything, so then you’ll be able to easily recall everything. Download Blog My Baby and remember each and every precious moment for as far and as long as you want to record it, cause we don’t want you looking for a book, but just the app icon that will bring a little sanity to your new busy life.


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